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Welcome to LAAB’s budgeting page. Here you will find some of LAAB’s best articles on this dreadful (pretend you like it) subject. By engaging in these articles and utilizing some of the recommended resources, you will position yourself to stop living a paycheck to paycheck cycle, to get out of debt, and to build your savings. So do yourself a favor, pick up a pen, notebook, and a little bit of courage so you can tackle your finances. You do want to have a life and a budget, right?

Budgeting For Budget Haters

Budgeting for Budget Haters is the most comprehensive course on budgeting that I’ve been able to find. Plus, it’s super affordable. It was created by Adam Hagerman, a Certified Financial Planner and Accredited Financial Counselor. It provides you with over 4 hours of instructional videos, a bunch of worksheets and accompanying video instructions, free Facebook group, and unlimited access. If you need more guidance in getting your budget together, this is a course I recommend looking into.  Learn more about Budgeting for Budget Haters here.

The Ultimate Budgeting Series

The Ultimate Budgeting Series was created with beginners in mind. This series will walk you through the importance of a budget; how to track your income and expenses; how to create a savings plan; how to tweak your budget for continued success and more!

Budgets: Quick, Easy, Simple Method for Beginners

I created this article for beginners who want a simple, cut, and dry method to budgeting. This budget is for people like me who can’t deal with a bunch of spreadsheets and accounting for every single penny that hits their bank account.  Now don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing with this method. It’s just not for all of us and that’s okay. You have to budget based on your personality and situation, not everyone else.

How to Create a Budget That Won’t Fail

Just in case my little quick budgeting method doesn’t work out for you, here is a detailed article explaining how to create a budget that won’t fail. In this article, I provide a brief overview of several other budgeting methods along with resources. There is the 50/30/20 budget, zero-sum budget, and bi-weekly budget to name a few. The key to budgeting is figuring out a system that works for you. Once you do that, you’re in the money! Literally.

How to Have a Life and a Budget

This was written for all you folks who swear you don’t want to budget because it means you can’t live your life on your own terms. Oh, it’s quite the opposite!  See, the real deal is that you can have a life – and perhaps an even better life if you’re controlling your money. No one likes to be controlled by anything and if you don’t have a budget, you’re allowing your money to control you. If you want to live life on your own terms and fulfill your dreams, get on a budget and watch the magic.

 9 Reasons Your Budget Sucks

This article is perfect for those who declare budgets don’t work. They don’t work for several reasons, and I’m going in on nine of the reasons why your budget has failed or is currently failing to provide you with the results you’re seeking. Once you set aside your pride and identify a few of the things you may be doing wrong, you’ll be able to modify any behaviors or habits that are keeping you from saving, paying down debt, and properly managing your expenses.

Free Budget Spreadsheet

Get a copy of a free budget spreadsheet that will help you keep track of your income and your monthly expenses. It’s free to download and an easy to use google spreadsheet.


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