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Free Budget Spreadsheet Template

September 21, 2016
If you've been looking for a free budget spreadsheet template, this one is very user friendly! Gather all of your income, receipts, and statements and let it do the work for you! Get your copy today!

  I’ve been working on a free budget spreadsheet template for you all that will help you track your monthly expenses! Initially, I went over to Fiverr with the grand idea of getting a kick-ass printable that will cover the majority of common household expenses. Needless to say, I’m out of $21.00. The process and the lack of quality was very frustrating so I started messing around in Google Docs and created one myself. Tracking your expenses is an extremely…

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Budget Money

Vacation on a Budget – You Need a Break!

    A vacation on a budget. Doesn’t that just sound delightful? I mean for me it does and I hope that this article written by my friend Kara from Frugal to Freedom will inspire you to vacation on a budget this summer. If…

May 11, 2016
If you've continuously failed at budgeting, it's probably because your doing a few things that makes your budget sucks Find out if any of the discussed reasons apply to you. If so, it's time you did something about it.
Budget Money

9 Reasons Your Budget Sucks

    You’ve probably made several attempts to live on a budget. You have good intentions of saving for retirement, paying cash for your next car, or steering clear of financing your next Black Friday shopping spree. Yet, somehow you always fall off the…

May 2, 2016
Having a budget shouldn’t be equated with living an unfulfilling life — in fact, quite the opposite is true. Using a budget helps you take control over a resource that is intended to fulfill your needs and wants. If done correctly, a budget should compliment your life.

How to Have a Life and a Budget

    One of the biggest personal finance myths many believe is you can’t live a good life on a budget. Budgets have a bad rep and are commonly misconceived as a punishment — something that is restrictive and limiting in the pursuit of…

April 25, 2016
Unexpected expenses can either be a hassle or something you're ready to punch in the face. If you want to punch them in the face, you have to know they are coming. Here's a few unexpected expenses you should prepare for and all the deets on how you can do it.
Budget Money Savings

How to Save for Unexpected Expenses

    Just how unexpected are unexpected expenses, exactly? I question this entire idea of unexpected costs because it really doesn’t make sense if you apply some logic to it. Life throws curve balls and this is something we all are aware of. Wouldn’t…

March 21, 2016
Do you need a quick and easy way to come up with a budget? Here is an easy method that will take the insanity out of planning your money.

Budgets: Quick, Easy, Simple Method for Beginners

    Today I want to share with you a quick, easy, and simple budget. There is an abundance of information out there for people who want to learn how to budget. I know this for a fact because I’ve been one of those…

January 4, 2016