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Self Lender: Rebuild Credit Without a Credit Card and Save!

Would you like to rebuild your credit without using a credit card? Well, you can and you can save money in the process. Read more about it!

  Some of you might think your credit situation is hopeless. And saving money? Yeah, you’ve given up on that too. But what if I told you there is a way you can rebuild your credit and save up to a $1,000 or more at the same time? Well, it’s true! I was so excited when I learned about this opportunity because many of you have reached out to me in the past about ways to fix your credit woes.…

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If you have bad credit, it doesn't have to stay that way. Follow these easy steps to build a good credit score and reclaim your finances.

How To Build a Good Credit Score+Credit Sesame Review

  If you haven’t checked your credit score, it might be time to have a come to Jesus moment. I’ve heard the arguments coming from those who choose not to use credit; therefore, having no interest in knowing their credit score. However, I know…

Having bad credit can haunt you in your adult life. That's why it's important to understand credit basics and build yours the right way. Read this article for an in-depth view of everything you need to know about credit.

Credit 101: Everything You Need to Know About Credit

    This month I’ve shared my bankruptcy, the recovery, and how someone should responsibly build credit. I wanted to end this series with a monster post on all things credit. I channeled my inner nerd and basically wrote a term paper that outlines everything…

Don't have any credit? Want to build it responsibly so you don't have to endure the headache of fixing it later? Well, this article will help you responsibly build your credit.
Credit Debt Money

How To Responsibly Build Credit

    Learning how to responsibly build credit is an essential component of any financial plan. I never understood the importance of it until $34,420 worth of credit card debt stood between me and my sanity — and more importantly, my dreams. Take it…