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Becoming creditworthy after a bankruptcy isn't easy, but it's possible. Read more on how this writer recovered from financial ruin and how you can bounce back if you've been in the same situation.
Debt Life

Becoming Creditworthy After Bankruptcy

    In my last article, I told you my story about the terrible financial lessons that led to my bankruptcy. I briefly mentioned at the end of the article I have a mortgage payment and probably left a few of you scratching your…

Filing Bankruptcy is the low point of many people's lives. Read about the financial decisions that led to this blogger's bankruptcy so you can avoid making the same mistakes!
Debt Life

Financial Lessons That Led To Bankruptcy

    Once upon a time, I filed bankruptcy. I could end the story there with no explanation whatsoever, but since I’m in the business of inspiring people to make radical changes and thangs, I’ll share my story. Put your feet up, this is…

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Life Money

Do You Need A Wealth Cure?

    What if I told you being truly wealthy has nothing to do with your finances — would you believe me? According to, the definition of wealth is a great quantity or store of money, valuable possessions, or other riches. The second…


Goals for First 6 Months of 2016

    My goals for 2016 have been broken down into categories. I’ve decided to focus on debt, finances, health and image, relationships, personal development, blogging, and freelancing.  For the purposes of accountability and this blog, I will be sharing my debt, finances, personal…