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Life Insurance: You Need Some, Here’s Why

  Life insurance is not a topic most people want to talk about. The thought of you or a loved one no longer being around doesn’t make for good dinner conversation. However, it’s a reality we all must come to terms with. According to…

October 10, 2016
If you h
Debt Life

5 Tips to Help Your Children Pay for College

  5 tips to help your children pay for college? Yes, please!  Today we have a friend guest posting here at LAAB!  I know many of you have children of your own or you will soon, so this is a topic worth exploring. I…

September 28, 2016
Life Savings

Reader Question: How Do I Break an Eating Out Habit

  A dear reader recently asked, “How do I break an eating out habit?” This is part of a new ongoing series here at LAAB to address real issues and help you all find solutions to your worrisome money woes. Considering I need to…

August 26, 2016
Budgets are not fool-proof. Sometimes they work and life happens and they stop working. Learn how to get back on track by adapting to life changes.

Life Commentary – “Oh S&%t, I Broke My Budget”

  I love encouraging others (and myself) to do what works for you. That principle applies when it comes to budgeting. You can’t expect certain scenarios or ideas to work the same for everyone, and yes, sometimes they achieve the same result, but often…

August 1, 2016
Becoming creditworthy after a bankruptcy isn't easy, but it's possible. Read more on how this writer recovered from financial ruin and how you can bounce back if you've been in the same situation.
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Becoming Creditworthy After Bankruptcy

    In my last article, I told you my story about the terrible financial lessons that led to my bankruptcy. I briefly mentioned at the end of the article I have a mortgage payment and probably left a few of you scratching your…

February 8, 2016