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5 Inspirational Money Books That Will Transform Your Finances

May 29, 2017
inspirational money books that will transform your finances

  Books are a big part of my life. I get happy when I get a good book in my hands and I know many of you are fellow book nerds too. When I began LAAB and only had like 10 visitors a day, I used to publish monthly book reviews. I haven’t done one in a while, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading. One thing has changed though in terms of what I choose to read. While…

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Feeling stressed out about your finances? Here are 4 ways you can feel happier about your finances. Financial Stress | Money Mindset
Money self improvement

4 Ways to Be Happier About Your Finances

  When our feelings about money suck, it’s usually because of our current circumstances. I mean, who feels good about not having enough money to pay all their bills or not having nothing left after paying all their bills? Oddly enough though, feeling good…

May 22, 2017