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How can you achieve financial goals as a couple when BOTH spouses are spenders? If you're experiencing a similar issue, you don't want to miss the solid advice provided to this reader's question!

Reader Question: What To Do When Both Spouses Are Spenders?

  Welcome to the first Reader’s Question here at LAAB! I’m super excited about this series because I’ve been wracking my brain on how I can serve you better, my dear readers.  So, I created a survey. This survey contained two questions, one question…

Lessons Learned From Tracking Expenses
Budget Money

What I Learned From Tracking Expenses For A Month

  Tracking expenses is a topic that is fairly elusive to me. It’s something I struggle with a lot so I figured why not broaden things a bit and have a guest share their thoughts on tracking expenses. If you’re interesting in guest posting…

Are you constantly struggling to save more money? Well here are 12 ways you can trick yourself into saving more money. And did I mention they were painless. Don't miss out - pin it, read it, and get to saving!
Money Savings

12 Ways To Trick Yourself to Save More Money

    There are a couple of principles that help folks when they decide to get their financial life in order. One of the principles that many people miserably fail at is savings. I mean, how many articles have you read this year alone…

Are you in pursuit of financial independence? If not, be inspired by these 9 stories of those who are blazing their way towards freedom and those who are already free!

In Pursuit of a Financial Independence Day

    Today I wanted to drop a little bonus content on you! I tend to get really happy when I know a long weekend is upon us:) First, I’m being interviewed by Pamela over at My Money Counts today and I highly encourage you to…

Many want to become the next millionaire next door; however, there are many misconceptions about being a millionaire that's keeping them from achieving this status. See what it really takes to become a millionaire.
Money Savings

How to Become The Millionaire Next Door

    Being a millionaire would be nice, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s not a status easily achieved by the masses. There are a few folks who have reached this status as they live inconspicuously in our neighborhoods, driving cars we “regular folks” would drive,…