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EBA Succes Series: Update 2

March 31, 2017
elite blog academy update
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Life and a Budget EBA Success Series is where I document my progress as I work through Elite Blog Academy. I want to provide a thorough comprehensive review of whether EBA can help me and other like-minded bloggers reach their blogging and financial goals.

Note: If you’re not a blogger and interested in becoming one, I’ve created a detailed tutorial on how to create your own blog on a budget. Sign up for as little as $4 per month using Bluehost and get your domain name free ($15 value).


Ummm…soooo…this course ain’t a walk in the park. I can tell you that much.

Despite the fact I convinced myself I was going to take my time with this course — I still didn’t plan to be going at a snail’s pace!

It’s never taken me long to catch on to something. Unless it was Calculus but that’s another story for another day.

I’ve been a blogger (on and off) for seven years now. Therefore, I thought I would pretty much breeze through some of the content presented in this course.

As of writing this (3/27/17) — almost a month into the course — I’m still on Module 1 . Module one is where you focus on refining everything. It consists of three units —  some of which involve creating awesome content and sprucing up the presentation of your blog.

I’ve finally made it to unit 3 (presentation) after spending almost a month working on rewriting old blog posts, planning my editorial calendar for the next month, and writing new posts. In the second unit, I was stumped and ended up doing a lot of the work over!

I wasn’t frustrated, though. I just rolled with it, because in the end, I know my readers would be getting the content they needed (and deserved). However, I underestimated that this course really is a TON of work.


What’s Coming Up on LAAB

Since it’s too early to determine if any of the older posts I’ve updated are seeing any magic from the EBA touch, I thought I’d share with you what’s coming up in the next few weeks here on LAAB.

All of the upcoming articles have been inspired by my brainstorming sessions from the course. All content written in the month of April 2017 will have the EBA touch (or at least my interpretation of it). This is where I suspect things should get interesting.


A New Budgeting Series

I will be posting a new series on budgeting. TWO posts will go live each day for a few days.

Why two? Because I’m impatient.

No, like seriously, spreading it out over the course of nine days is too much for my brain.

So instead of doing that, I am going to schedule two posts over the course of three days. Each article will come with actionable steps and give my lovely readers time to take action.

Of course, if it takes longer to complete the tasks in the series, that’s okay too. I just didn’t want to have too long of a delay in receiving the next steps.

I’m putting the final touches on it as we speak. I can’t wait to get some feedback on it!

Why Not Just Do an E-course?

Well, I considered doing an e-course, but I’m trying to stay within the objectives presented within the EBA course. In Unit 2 we were focused on blog content, and this idea seemed perfect for it. Besides, if it does well, I can always turn it into an e-course for those who prefer it in that format.


Putting Life in Life and a Budget

In April, I will also be putting the life into Life and a Budget. I never really wanted this to be a personal finance blog per se. More like a personal finance lifestyle blog sorta shindig. If that makes sense.

To round out the content I present to my ideal reader, I need to touch on more than money. There is so much more to my reader’s life than focusing on the almighty dollar bill.

My reader wants to figure out the finances so she can live a carefree life. She needs to figure out that part too!

So, this month I’m going to be working in some more life topics. Topics like self-care, things-to-do, mindsets, life hacks, etc. I plan to share Life posts on Friday since folks are more concerned with living on the weekends and less about working.


Success Stories

Another thing I’m going to focus on moving forward — success stories!

I want practical stories that everyday folks can relate too.

Meaning: if you paid off $3,000 in credit card debt, let’s celebrate it!

Write a guest post! You don’t even have to share your name. I just want more guest posts from real people! I’m open to interviewing folks too.

I want to feature everyday women who are throwing the American dream out the window and going after their own dreams. I want to feature bloggers, writers (freelancers, book authors, etc), course creators, coaches, and any other hustles.

If you created your own business, coach women, write books, etc – holla at me (latoya at lifeandabudget dot com).


Wrapping Thangs Up

That pretty much wraps up my EBA update for the month of March. Like I said, it would be pretty futile to provide you with stats at this point because it’s too early in the game.

Of course, my income report for March will be going live soon. You can glean information from it about my blog’s upward trajectory in those reports (hint hint). I’ve created a page where you can find all of my income reports here.

This month, I will be diving into the third unit of module one. I have my fingers crossed I can wrap this one up in a month. If not, you’ll hear all about it in my next update.

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What questions do you have about Elite Blog Academy? I’ll do my best to address them in future posts.


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