The Money Reset Master Course and Accountability Program

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This is a 10-week online course and accountability group that will provide you with the knowledge and support to transform your finances so you can quit living paycheck to paycheck and start pursuing financial freedom.



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The Money Reset Master Course and Accountability Program

This four-month course (twenty weeks) will help you build a solid financial plan so you can start living and stop wondering where your money went.

This course is based on my actual financial journey and I’ve added some great exercises and information designed to help you take action. The Money Reset Master Course will show you the actual steps you should take if you want to live GOOD within your means. Plus, it will open your eyes to the reality that you can afford more than you think.


Here’s everything you’ll learn:


Module 1: Mind Over Money – Why Your Mindset Is The Only Thing That Determines Your Wealth

  • You will discover mind junk that has been hindering your success with money.
  • You will learn how to deal with beliefs and attitudes that don’t serve you and replace those beliefs and attitudes with ones that will help you succeed financially.
  • You will create your Life Vision Statement so you will know why you want financial success (This is key to actually making it happen!)
  • You will complete a questionnaire to get clear on your financial goals and needs for group coaching and future content.

Module 2: How to Automate Your Budget and Your Savings So You Can Stress Less

  • Learn how to create a realistic budget and manage your money using simple and FREE tools from Google Apps.
  • Learn where your money is really going so you can start affording to splurge (GUILT FREE) on things that give your life meaning.
  • Learn how to use a money automation map to pay your bills, save money, and pay off debt. This strategy has helped me save thousands of dollars and pay my bills on time while I do other stuff like live.
  • Develop a savings plan to pay for major savings goals and learn the best places to keep it so your money can grow.

Module 3: Credit and Debt: How to Use it, When to Use it, and How to Fix It

  • Create a plan to pay off your debt.
  • Discover the things on your credit report that might be holding you back from a perfect credit score and tactics you can use to increase your credit score.
  • Set your debt free date so you can put your debt elimination plan in action!

Module 4: The Most Overlooked, Yet Important Aspect of Personal Finances: Insurance

  • You’ll solve the Whole-Life and Term-Life debate so you can decide which is best for your personal needs.
  • Learn how to protect your income if you’re sick or out of work for an extended period of time. (Hint: beyond disability insurance)
  • Is it possible to be over-insured? We’ll talk other popular insurances that are popping up on the market and discuss whether you actually need them.

Module 5: Building Wealth Basics

  • Learn the only acceptable reason you might should skip on saving for retirement if you have a lot of debt.
  • Investments made easy with simple and easy to use apps and why you shouldn’t be afraid of investing.
  • Learn about IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, 401k’s and how to determine which one will work best for you.

PLUS: There’s more!

  • You’ll have direct access to me and other like-minded individuals in The Money Reset Accountability Group. This group is open only to Money Reset participants.
  • Weekly Q&A threads in the accountability group for the four-month course session so you can receive instructor support and feedback. You will continue to have access to peer discussion in the accountability group after the course is completed.
  • Monthly group coaching sessions online using Zoom where I will answer questions live and provide additional support on TBD topics.
  • Worksheets for each class module with action items that include getting clear on your financial goals, creating a debt repayment plan, and more.
  • Email reminders to take action on the plans you create in class. I will encourage you to take action and follow through!
  • You will receive ALL future updates to the course videos and materials.


This course is designed to give you a week to complete each lesson, receive supplemental information in the FB accountability group. On the second week of each lesson, you will have time to complete tasks as you move along in the program. This course was not created just to give you information, it’s designed to help you take action. You will be creating a debt repayment plan, a savings plan, a budget, and more!


 The Money Reset Master Course and Accountability Program Is Perfect If :


You are tired of not knowing where your money is going.

If you want to get ahead of your finances.

Want to save more money.

If you need some one to hold you accountable and keep you motivated.

You struggle with creating a budget that works.

Spend without guilt.

Learn how to build a solid foundation for wealth-building.