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How to Pay off credit card debt

My Journey in Paying Off $5,500 in Credit Card Debt

  Paying Off $5,500 in Credit Card Debt – We all love the inspiration that forces us to evaluate our goals and take action. And learning how others pay off credit card debt is always something to aspire to! Today, we have a guest…

March 27, 2017

How to Easily Build Your Credit and Not Lose Your Mind

  In this article, you will learn how to easily build credit so you can do more important things…like make money.   Learning how to build your credit can quickly become a chore. There’s so much advice out there on what you should do…

March 9, 2017
Many consider personal loans for different reasons. Learn the pros and cons of personal loans and see if and when you may need them.

Reader Question: Should I Get a Personal Loan?

  This week’s reader question was, “Should I get a personal loan?” This is actually quite a common question. Sometimes people fall into the trap of payday loans (which I would avoid like the plague!) and after seeing how destructive those can be, I…

October 21, 2016
If you h

5 Tips to Help Your Children Pay for College

  5 tips to help your children pay for college? Yes, please!  Today we have a friend guest posting here at LAAB!  I know many of you have children of your own or you will soon, so this is a topic worth exploring. I…

September 28, 2016

Save Money on Student Loans: 5 Strategies for New Grads

  If you’ve graduated recently, you’ve had enough time to figure out by now that time flies as an adult, especially when your finances are added to the equation. It feels like you were just walking across the stage to receive your degree and…

September 19, 2016
Do you have debt and no savings? Well, this 6 step plan will help you pay off debt and save money at the same time. Read for more info so you can get a handle on your finances today.
Debt Savings

6 Step Plan to Pay Off Debt and Save Money

    If you’re in debt, saving money shouldn’t be optional. In the event of an emergency, the last thing you want to do is go further into debt.  This is why I’m a firm believer that you should pay off debt and save…

August 29, 2016