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64 Things To Do To Be Happier (That Have Nothing To Do With More Money

April 21, 2017
Things to do to be happier | Life thoughts | Life Truths | How to be happier tips |
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Everyone has their own definition of happiness. Unfortunately, some people put too much stock into how others or a certain amount of money can make us happier. But if you really sit down and think about it, that’s not anyone else’s responsibility but yours.

Having a certain amount of money is not going to make you happier. What we confuse the whole money/happiness thing with is the fact that having money and no debt will give you the freedom to spend your money in ways that make you happy.

And spending the money in a way that brings you happiness is not going to look the same for everyone. If I had around $70k or $80k come my way in one fell swoop, I would be happy to pay Navient back.

For others, they may be happier if they used that money to buy a luxury vehicle or make sure their kid has enough to go to college. Different strokes for different folks. But today we’re not going to focus on the money.

I want to share with things to do to be happier that have nothing to do with more money. Of course, this all is coming from my perspective and everyone may be different. But just in case some of you march to the same beat of the drum that I do, you’ll find this very inspiring.


Things to do to be happier | Life thoughts | Life Truths | How to be happier tips |


64 Things to Do To Be Happier

  1. Daydream about what you really want life to be like (Get out of that, “it is what it is” philosophy).
  2. Keep fresh flowers in the house.
  3. Create a loose change jar and pay yourself a dime for every happy event (A good trick to find more to be happy about!)
  4. Keep your sleeping quarters clean and comfortable.
  5. Slow down. Don’t rush your way to anything or anyone.
  6. Play with your kids.
  7. Snuggle with a baby.
  8. Sit back and watch as your child learns something new.
  9. Cook your favorite meal and focus on the presentation. Enjoy every bite.
  10. Watch the sunset.
  11. Watch the sunrise.
  12. Read an inspiring story or inspirational book.
  13. Take a bubble bath (or a long shower).
  14. Say thank you more often.
  15. At the beginning of the day, write out 10 things you are thankful for.
  16. At the end of the day, write down the best three things that happened for the day.
  17. Use your outdoor living space and enjoy the scenery.
  18. Laugh.
  19. Unfollow everything on Facebook!  (SN: I just did this and let me tell you!  I’m having a good time being unaware of the calamities of the world through the eyes of others!)
  20. Don’t watch the morning news.
  21. Don’t read the newspaper headlines.
  22. Meditate.
  23. Pray.
  24. Kiss your significant other.
  25. Exercise.
  26. Bless someone else (for example: over tip a waitress, leave a gift card on the neighbor’s doorstep, etc.).
  27. Organize a frustrating spot in your home.
  28. Dance it out like Christina and Meredith (all my fellow Grey’s fans know what I’m talking about).
  29. Learn something new.
  30. Let old grudges go.
  31. Make plans to go to lunch with a friend. Or have them over for dinner!
  32. Wear your favorite color.
  33. Make a better choice. Fruit smoothie over a daiquiri, anyone?
  34. Stop being busy and start being intentional (in other words, do things that will get you closer to your goals – not busy work).
  35. Stop comparing your journey to someone else’s. We can only control our lives.
  36. Stop neglecting your finances. Start with a good ole budget.
  37. Don’t complain. Instead of saying, “I have to yada yada yada,” try saying, “I get to yada yada yada.”
  38. Stop caring what others think of you.
  39. And likewise, don’t waste so much energy on having opinions of others.
  40. Invest in your dreams.
  41. That excuse you’ve been holding on to – think of 10 solutions. Ready, set, go….
  42. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
  43. Acknowledge your capability to change whatever situation you’re facing.
  44. Go on a picnic.
  45. Spend the weekend with your parents.
  46. Forget what Drake said about no new friends. If you need some friends, get some!
  47. Be present in the moment.
  48. Sleep more.
  49. Learn a new hobby.
  50. Write down the things you need to do to avoid the frustration of forgetting them.
  51. HAVE MORE SEX. Lots of it. 😀
  52. Post a happy message on Facebook to dilute all the negativity.
  53. Practice self-care every day.
  54. Have a productive conversation with your spouse or significant other.
  55. Start saving money for things you really want instead of spending it on temporary pleasures.
  56. Listen or take advice from uplifting people.
  57. Avoid negative people.
  58. Create a bucket list of things to do before your next birthday.
  59. Call up a relative and talk about a past happy childhood event.
  60. Even better, have a moment of nostalgia and hang out with a relative doing something you did as a kid (eat watermelon on the porch, wash a car and drink from the hose…and no, this is not a glimpse into my past, lol).
  61. Tell someone you love them.
  62. Watch a movie that makes you feel good.
  63. Watch Sesame Street with your kids (I’m sorry, but it’s impossible to be grumpy watching Elmo 😁).
  64. See if you can remember how to do a cartwheel. (I cannot be responsible for anyone’s injuries, so do so at your own risk.)


So, that’s the best I could do. All of these things will definitely help me in my quest to be happier. I’m sure many of them will help you too.  In case I missed something, feel free to drop some additional tidbits in the comments!

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