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Here's a gift guide with over ten financially smart toys and books you can give your child this holiday!
Life Savings

Financially Smart Gift Guide for Kids

  I like to keep things simple for the holidays as far as my kids are concerned, but one thing I never like to skimp out on is my children’s education. Whether it be books or games that teach them important life concepts or…

November 22, 2016
If you're finding trouble saving to get ahead, could cutting cable help you get your money right? Yes it can and this article shows you how!
Money Savings

Can Cutting Cable Help Save Your Finances?

  Okay, let’s talk. I love keeping it one-hundred and this is one issue that really perplexes me. Like, literally it drives me nuts! Broke people and cable. And no, I’m not saying “broke people” to throw shade and make it seem like I’m…

November 9, 2016
If you have an event coming up and you need gift, check out Groupon Goods. #ad #spons
Life Savings

Gift Shopping With Groupon Goods

  This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. When many of us think of Groupon, we usually think of the site where we can go to get good deals on restaurants, massages, or travel packages. However, lately, it seems that Groupon Goods has…

October 31, 2016
The holidays shouldn't be the most expensive time of the year. Here are 25 days of cheap Christmas activities for you to enjoy!

25 Days of Cheap Christmas Activities

  I don’t like expensive holidays. Its seems as if every year I get cheaper (more frugal) and I make every attempt to make things as simple as possible. I get it, though. The holidays are supposed to be a happy time of year.…

October 28, 2016
If you're ready to start saving money and get serious about your money, this guide is for you. Learn how to start saving money and stop being broke.

How to Start Saving Money: A Guide for Beginners

  Folks ask me all the time, “How can I start saving money with all of these bills?” and I completely get where they are coming from. One thing many of them fail to realize though is that there is only one important thing…

October 3, 2016
Christmas should not be the most expensive holiday of the year. Read this article for tips on how to stay debt free and save money this holiday season!
Debt Savings

20+Ways To Have a Debt Free Christmas

  Debt and Christmas go hand in hand for many Americans. In fact, based on this survey 52 percent of those in debt whipped out a credit card to finance their Christmas in 2014. Now, I’m not knocking the use of credit. If you…

September 5, 2016